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    Fish Oil: A Dangerous Supplement

    Fish Oil

    In recent years people have been tricked into thinking that fish oil is a miracle supplement. This simply isn’t the case. I have already done an article on the dangers of poly unsaturated fatty acids, PUFAs, (of which fish oil is one), but today I’m focusing on the hazards of fish oil in particular. Let’s debunk the myth once and for all.

    Fish oil is often brought up in articles regarding the proper ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fat consumption. However, while we try to make sense of this information, we over look the fact that total PUFA consumption should be kept to a minimum.

    Fish oil is a PUFA, a poly unsaturated fatty acid, meaning among other things that the bonds between the oil’s molecules aren’t very strong. As a result, fish oil breaks down easily in your system, creating free radicals. Free radicals cause cancer and produce damaging feedback loops in individual cells. Since fish oil sits on the shelf for months at a time it almost always oxidizes. Oxidation further deteriorates the bonds between molecules, leading to an even more harmful supplement. In the past, fish oil was used for paints and varnishes because of its oxidizing ability. Hardening and polymerizing may be great for painting but not for your body. Though it is impossible to avoid all PUFA, fish oil is an extremely concentrated source, a PUFA bomb if you will. So stop taking it!

    Fish oil increases the likelihood of a broad range of health issues. A few of them are:

    • Depresses the immune system. Studies have been done proving the body is less able to counter infectious diseases with fish oil present in your system.
    • Accelerates the aging process through the creation of ‘age pigment’ cells. Over-time these cells contribute to degenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s and liver disease.
    • Weakens the lining of the brain. The brain’s is permeable to fatty compounds. Without getting too scientific PUFA breaks down cell linings causing them to become fragile, contributing to the destruction of vital brain tissue.
    • Decreases energy. Fish oil inhibits cells from producing cellular energy (ATP) at maximum levels, leading to a reduction in your body’s potential to perform.

    So if fish oil is so bad for you why do we take it? Greed. Industry specialists found their way onto regulatory boards and skewed consumer opinion surrounding the short term anti-inflammatory benefits while downplaying the serious long-term health risks. Supplement producers are ramping up production of fish oil in an effort to further expand the market, and one school system in Texas has even started to introduce fish oil into student’s meals!

    As mentioned earlier, while we can minimize our PUFA consumption, it is virtually impossible to avoid it. However, consuming a concentrated substance high in PUFA is an awful idea. So spread the word, stop taking fish oil, limit PUFA intake, and continue on the path towards a healthier lifestyle!

    For a more detailed look at fish oil, read my guru Ray’s full technical breakdown.

    “In the 1940s, some of the toxic effects of fish oil (such as testicular degeneration, softening of the brain, muscle damage, and spontaneous cancer) were found to result from an induced vitamin E deficiency. Unfortunately, there isn’t much reason to think that just supplementing vitamin E will provide general protection against the unsaturated fats. The half-life of fats in human adipose tissue is about 600 days, meaning that significant amounts of previously consumed oils will still be present up to four years after they have been removed from the diet.”

    ~ Dr. Ray Peat

    My Fish Oil Story

    If you’re currently on these supplements don’t fret. I used to eat salmon daily and take cod liver oil, and fish supplements. But I’ve cut them out one hundred percent and I feel so much better. I eat fish, but I recommend only low fat fish, or shellfish, cooked in butter, ghee or coconut oil.

    Here is a healthy white fish recipe that everyone in my family loves!